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Historic Restorations


Bring The Past Forward

Restoration projects begin with assembling a team of construction professional from Corbett who understands the challenges of renovating a historic building.  The structure is studied, discussed and evaluated to determine the mission of the project and how it can be safely completed.  The client and construction team also develop a list of items that will have to be managed during the renovation.  Corbett Construction is EPA Lead Certified resource and will develop an action plan for the old paint, plumbing lines and other materials that will have to be managed. 

With an approved plan in place, our skilled tradesmen will begin to assemble the assets that will be needed for the restoration.  The project manager and crew follow the plan and bring the structure back to life with current technology and building standards.  The plan will include creating a safe and secured work site and will prevent unauthorized people and curious historic buffs from entering the area.  The managers will communicate the project's progress to the group and keep them informed of our progress.  We can also work with registered tax exempt organizations to purchase materials and save the project additional money.

The net result is will be beautiful building that represents the past for future generations.  Let us help you with your historic restoration and we will take the worry out of bringing the past forward for future generations.

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