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Services Tailored For Operating Hospitals

We have considerable experience with developing and managing hospital construction projects that address the needs of infection control team and as well as the construction management team.   Healthcare construction has evolved into a specialized discipline that requires knowledge and insight into managing projects in an operating hospital.  We can manage all aspects of your hospital construction project and are members of the Kentucky Society of Healthcare Engineers.

Corbett Construction has considerable history planning and working in an operating hospital whose focus is on providing patient care.  The site management team must be available to accommodate and facilitate the specific request of the hospital's designated risk management administrator.  The project schedule must never interfere with the patent's recovery during a renovation.

Corbett Construction has considerable experience with developing and managing major hospital construction projects.

We are known for our strong start-to-finish skill set that will help ensure a completion and turnover date.  During the project, our experience with phasing schedules will provide a predictable and orderly progression of staff and services as the various milestones are met.  Our management team pride itself on its commitment to communicate with the administration's representatives and provide direct answers to any questions.

Our employees, subcontractors and others associated with the company are required to have criminal background checks and up-to-date immunizations before they can work on a hospital project.  We will consult with the client's medical and risk management group and will obtain any require additional test or vaccinations for our employees and subcontractor partners.  We will be more than happy to answer any questions or address your facility's special needs or concerns.  The healthcare sector is a specialty that we continue to focus our efforts to meet the high demands of the industry.

EngineersOur highly specialized management team has the skills and resources to take on very complex projects that will meet and exceed the expectations of the medical providers and their patients.

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