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Corbett Construction Company has had the privilege of working with a number of regional municipalities with building projects for their community.  We honor this opportunity by providing the same attention to detail and construction quality as we do with the private sector. 

The public can be sensitive about being inconvenienced by construction projects.  They also have an expectation of going to the closest facility and being able to do their business.  We apply our "we work while you work" management skills to the project to keep the facility open during the construction process.  Our experience with "cascading" the project's milestones will allow the employees to remain working and office open during this period.  We communicate directly with the designated managers to keep them inform of the construction process.

We have the ability provide construction support for technology upgrades and respond to emergency situations that include fire damage, floods and other acts of nature.  Our managers and employees will provide an attention to detail that will take the worry out of the construction process.  We have worked with Federal, state and local governments on everything from healthcare to parks.

All of our employees and subcontractors have drug test, background checks and are current with their immunization inoculations.  We can also arrange additional checks and inoculations for a facility's unique mission. This will give you the confidence that the construction team that comes onto the facility will be there to solve a problem and not create any new ones.

We are honored to have served the people who serve others through their service.   Our project budgeting and planning process will give you confidence in our approach to a major project.  The results and quality of the job will confirm your decision to choose Corbett.

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