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Facilities Management


A Trusted Partner Who Works For You

A facility director's cell phone illustrate the 24/7 commitment and demands on their time required to maintain a property.  Successful building operations have a relationship with an outside resource that can manage and complete jobs for the facility at a fair price.  Corbett Construction has become a "go-to" resource for facilities managers who need a trusted partner who can take on a task with minimal supervision. 

Corbett Construction often becomes the inside construction team for the client's facilities and operations management group.   Improvements and change requests are quickly made and become a fluid process as the needs of the facility are realized.  We have the ability to "visualize" the completed project from the client's notes and drawings and create an action plan that will take your worry out of the construction project.  Our strong start-to-finish skills will minimize any delays and inconvenience to the operations staff and property customers.  The project plan will also include a work around the facilities customers and employees and making sure the area is safe.  Corbett Construction can assist you with:
  1. Communicating with occupants regarding project scheduling and construction progress
  2. Work with client's procurement department for materials purchasing and delivery for tax except organizations can save the institution a sizable amount dollars
  3. Provide the client with project budgeting and planning support
  4. Facilitate architectural, engineering, interior design and other services
  5. Oversee and manage technology upgrades for a facility
  6. Manage unforeseen emergencies that includes flooding, fire damage and other acts of nature
  7. Provide support for equipment upgrades and replacement included but not limited to: electrical service, machinery installation, fire protection, emergency backup generator installation and medical diagnostic equipment


We have experience with "cascading" a project's milestones which allows the tenants to move into renovated areas as work is completed and continue to work while we work.  Our management team pride itself on its commitment to communicate with you and your managers to provide direct answers to any questions concerning a project.

Managing a facility and the people who work and visit it is a complex job with considerable responsibility.  Our team is ready to assist you with your long "to-do list" and provide a level of service that takes the worry out of the construction process and answering the phone.
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