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Corbett Construction Company has considerable experience with developing and managing construction projects for colleges and universities.  We are committed to providing a level of service that allows administrators to focus on their students and faculty while we focus on the construction projects.  The Corbett management group can oversee all aspects of your construction project and ensure that is it done on time, on budget and beyond your expectations.   

Construction on a thriving campus requires a well-developed plan and skill set that includes working with the various members of the community to ensure that it does not affect campus life.  We are known for having strong "start-to-finish" capabilities that will allow administrators to know when they can start using the facility.  Our preconstruction team has the experience and access to historic files that will allow us to "visualize" a project and anticipate a potential problem long before we arrive on campus.  The company and subcontractor employees have background checks and are current on their immunizations before they enter campus.

Job site safety is a priority with all the managers and is focused on keeping students and faculty away from the construction area.   The our plan will also include establishing a safe and secured work site, and delivery of materials so students and all other unauthorized persons will be prevented from entering the area.  We will take the extra steps to become a "good neighbor" while we are working on campus and eliminate "worry" for the administration. 

Our managers will communicate the project progression and any other information with the administration's point person.  The company has extensive experience with cascading the project milestones, which will allow an orderly transition of the students, staff and faculty into completed areas during a major renovation.  The company project managers will communicate directly with the college or university representatives and keep the administration informed about the project's progress.  We can also provide temporary emergency services for unforeseen disasters that include fire damage, floods and any other act of nature that has occurred on campus.

Our experience includes "foundation up" new construction projects to renovating existing spaces that will better serve the campus community.  We can provide detailed material list and due dates to our higher educational clients whose purchasing department may save the project significant dollars.

We will be more than happy to discuss your individual needs and learn why we are your best choice for campus construction.
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