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Mastering The Learning Environment For Today's And Tomorrow's Students

School corporations and their buildings have multiple responsibilities to the entire community that they serve.  A school begins its day as the regions educational center as the classrooms welcome the students and faculty.  It becomes most community's cultural center where plays and concerts are performed.  On most Friday nights, sports heads the agenda as the school's teams and cheerleaders take the field or court.  During an emergency or natural disaster, the facility serves as a shelter for people who may have lost everything.  Corbett Construction knows and understands the importance of these facilities and various roles that they serve.

We have considerable experience planning and working for schools that demand a well-built structure that will serve the primary and secondary needs of the community.  Our seasoned team of tradesmen will apply their craft to your project and create a space that will invite students and their parents.

The Corbett team's start-to-finish skill-set will ensure that the facility is open and ready for the first day of classes.  Our estimators and managers can visualize your project and develop a schedule that will identify and solve problems before they affect the project.   We have provided detailed material list for the client's purchasing managers who may save the project significant dollars. School districts have specific standards for any and all individuals who work on their facilities.  Corbett Construction has experience with "foundation-up" projects and large total renovations of an existing facility.  Our employees and associated trade contractors have drug and background checks and are current with their immunizations.  Job site safety is a top priority with all the managers and employees.  Keeping students, facility and any other individual away for the site will ensure safety and turnover date of the project.  Our management team pride itself on its commitment to communicate with the school system's representatives and provide direct answers to any questions.

We can provide temporary emergency services for unforeseen disasters that include fire damage, floods and any other act of nature.  It is our commitment to keep the "worry" out of the construction process and allow the schools focus on its students.

You don't have to be the smartest kid in the class to know that Corbett Construction is your best choice when deciding which general contractor will do your project.

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